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Jivana Style is a pioneer in the British Asian greeting card market - bringing to the nation a fabulous range of cards that truly reflect the multi-cultural audience of the UK. Jivana has brought Asian greeting cards into Style - with the fun yet quirky Masala Girls, Desi Boyz & Chutnye Kidz ranges.

Following the success of the Asian cards, Jivana Style has launched a range of cards and gifts named "Sizzlin' Sista" specifically for the Black or Afro-Caribbean audience, capturing some of the culture.

Additionally our range of multi-ethnic Wedding cards are innovative and fun and capture the essence of Asian traditions and culture....we believe we are one of the first to offer such bold and unapologetically Ethnic wedding cards for a completely uncatered for market, representing Asian, Asian & White, Black, Black & White couples.

Watch this space for more!

BBC News
On Thursday 5th February 2009, Samantha Alfred appeared on BBC News, talking about the Jivana Style story; the interview was screened on national BBC breakfast, lunchtime and evening news and on London regional news.

In the current financial climate with many people losing jobs, the report followed Samantha's journey of turning her redundancy into an opportunity and setting up an award winning greeting card & gift business Jivana Style. Samantha comments "We are thrilled that our story is news worthy, and it was a fabulous report! I certainly hope it inspires others facing a similar situation."

To watch clip online click here to go to BBC News Website.
2008 Precious Awards
Jivana Style is thrilled and delighted to be selected winner of Best Business at the Precious Awards 2008...Let Sucess Shine.....

Many women of colour shared their business success stories at an inspiring awards ceremony including keynote speaker Jennette Arnold, Chair of the London Assembly.

To find out more about the winners click here to go to Precious Online.
Precious Awards 2008
photographs Annaliese Comelab, MadeinMelbourne.com.au
Precious Awards
BBC Working Lunch
The BBC2 programme Working Lunch featured Jivana Style on Friday 12th December 2007. The presenter Simon Gompertz and film crew visited our offices to film the report which covered our journey into the launch and developement of our unique producs for a niche market and our funky designs for British Asians. We thought the report was fab - tell us what you think!

To read the synopsis and watch the report click here, this will take you to the BBC website.
Working Lunch
HSBC Start-Up Stars
Jivana Style was selected London Regional Winner in the HSBC Start-Up Stars Awards 2007. Our unique Asian greeting card and gift concept caught the eye of the judges and we were invited to accept our award at HSBC headquarters in Canary Wharf on August 22nd 2007.

HSBC Start-up Stars 2008 Winner
Jivana Billboard Campaign
We ran a billboard campaign in the Midlands. As the main Asian greeting card company in the UK at the time, it made quite a splash!

Dragon's Den 2006
In September 2006, Jivana Style appeared on the BBC T series Dragon's Den. We pitched our unique Asian Greeting Card and Gift concept to the Dragon's. It was an extremely presurised task with a lot riding on the outcome... The dragon's in their wisdon decided that the Asian greeting cards business was not a viable idea and walked away from the opportunity!

We don't think they realised the size of the British Asian and worldwide Asian market!

Well Jivana Style did it anyway and made it to the high street and the supermarkets and right to you, our customers! So a big THANK YOU for your support - let's prove the Dragon's got it wrong!